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Welcome to the North Ridge, the Star Wars Fan Club and TheForce.Net FanForce Chapter for Buffalo, NY.  Information on upcoming events and requesting costumed members at your own event can be found on the Events Page.  Photos from past events over the years can be found in our Archives.  Read all about the North Ridge as a group, and check out the members and some of their profiles on the Members Page.  For information on becoming a member and to request membership, go to our Join Us Page.  Feel free to Contact Us with any other questions or comments you may have.

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In a remote corner of the galaxy, there is a frozen world of ice and snow. Continually battered by blizzards, harsh winds, and frigid temperatures, it is considered one of the most uninhabitable places in the known universe. Often the nights plunge the land into sub-zero temperatures, forcing all but the bravest of souls to remain indoors, lest they become forever encased by an icy tomb. 

Despite its many hardships, there lies an outpost on the cold and barren landscape. Here, a band of Star Wars fans and fanatics have gathered together to talk, share stories, and just have fun.  Welcome to The North Ridge, Buffalo, NY.



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