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 2008 Misc


Clarence Winter Fest

R2 spends too much time on Hoth

"Where do these younglings keep coming from?"

Put down your camera, or the Rebel-sympathizing confection gets it.

STAR WARS Night at the Bison's Game
Dunn Tire Park, Saturday, June 28th, 2008
Execute Order 66 / Assault on the Jedi Temple
Choreographed by Jedi Lisa Walworth

Sith don't steal bases. They seek out and destroy them.

Desiring to battle an evil empire isn't enough. One must be in the MAJOR leagues to actually play the Yankees. - Master Yoda

Williamsville Library
July 15, 2008
Second Annual Appearance

Obi-Wan: "Hey, that Jawa stole my light saber!"
Greedo: "I'm staying out of it. Someone's bound to lose an arm or something."

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